Be a Part of a Unique Aesthetic Community

A single place to represent aesthetic communities through fashion that tell stories.

What is it like to be a part of the Goth community? What does it mean to have aesthetics? And what keeps each community that we associate our brand with going to last in decades to come? Through fashion, with our social media content and live broadcasts, our brand enjoys bringing you insight into what makes each aesthetic community so special and continue leaving generations to come a brand that they can truly resonate with. Become a part of a new community bring the world's most popular genres and styles together under one house: the House of Superior Aesthetics.


Once contacted by our CEO, Jay Nagati, via social media or email, you will be given next steps. If you are interested and have availability for the paid opportunity, we recommend having the following prepared for the project to ensure that we have delivered to our standard of excellence:

  1. your accurate clothing sizes (we will be shipping you apparel for a paid opportunity),
  2. knowledge of what helped your social media profiles build a decent following (what helped you become viral?),
  3. address for us to ship your apparel to (please double check the format and spelling for your address),
  4. and a valid PayPal account (we will NOT use CashApp for paying models/influencers)


Consistent & creative influencers who bring massive results.We are looking for influencers who can exceed our expectations for each project presented in a timely fashion. As content creators and marketers, we find that being seen by new eyes and potential customers are crucial for our success. We want to associate our brand with individuals who understand the importance of getting as much exposure and high ROIs (Return on Investments) as possible. We would love to hear from you in a questionnaire that we review daily. Just shout us out on Instagram, TikTok and/or email after filling out the questionnaire.


Imagine Trippie Redd or Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) wearing NAGATI Brand in their net project. They are indeed on our list! If you are a recording artist, send us an email: or simply apply at the questionnaire here.


No matter if you focus on a TikTok or an OnlyFans, if you are talented and creative and enjoy the aesthetics featured in our store, email us at or simply apply at the questionnaire here. Have a simple portfolio or images/videos that will give us an idea of what we can expect ready!


Jenna Ortega, where you at? We are gonna need your Wednesday-magic ASAP! If you are an actor/actress that can wear our apparel in your next film project, send us an email:


Kagome would look amazing in a LoveSpell tee, don't you think? Whoever you cosplay as, bring your cosplay skills for a NAGATI remix. Just make sure to have a simple portfolio or images/videos that will give us an idea of what we can expect ready! Email us at or simply apply at the questionnaire here.


Supermodels as well as alternative models have been a staple in the fashion industry. We are looking for YOU! Make sure to have a simple portfolio or images/videos that will give us an idea of what we can expect ready!Email us at or simply apply at the questionnaire here.


Live streams are the new wave in digital marketing success because the more consistent - as well as popular -  the live-streamer is, the more valuable their content becomes. Let's feature NAGATI Brand as a part of this success! Email us at or simply apply at the questionnaire here.